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Down Payment Options You Can Actually Afford

February 06, 2020
It’s common for people to think they can’t buy a new home because they can’t afford the down payment. If affording a monthly mortgage payment isn’t an issue, then don’t assume the down payment will prevent you from being able to buy! First-time homebuyers are often surprised by how many options there are for putting no or small down payments on a new house.
In this short video, I sit down with Jason Rasmussen from Supreme Lending (one of my preferred lenders for homebuyers here in DFW) to discuss some options for buyers who can’t necessarily make a huge down payment. He talks about a couple of 0% down options, as well as some low downpayment options, even through conventional loans. He also mentions downpayment assistance, which many don’t realize is even available.
If you want to find out more, contact Jason at Supreme Lending or email, text, or call me so we can talk about how to get you into that new home!
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