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Report Reveals Surprising Info About When to Sell in DFW

January 23, 2020

Traditional thinking is that Spring is the best time to sell. And it’s true for many reasons that it is a great time of year to put your house on the market. Typically, things really kick-off in April, but research from reveals that over the last few years, there has been an interesting trend of home shopping starting earlier and earlier. 

This is particularly true in large metro areas, including Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW). In these areas, January and February are now rivaling April in terms of people looking for houses:

“What used to be a lopsided bias for April is now a feverish search starting in January, staying consistently competitive across the first four months of the year as hopeful homebuyers look for just the right home.”

Why is this good for sellers who put their house on market now instead of waiting? It’s basic economics… if there is high demand and low inventory, the price of those goods will drive up. In other words,

More Home Buyers + Few Houses on Market = Higher House Prices 

That means you could potentially make more money selling your house now, when there’s less competition, than you would in the Spring when more people are selling. Don’t wait until March or April to get ready for selling, email, text, or call me now so we can get as much for your house as possible.

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